Whatever you think about veganism, Vegan Nights will most likely blow your mind. 

For one night each month, 150 Brick Lane is filled with vendors selling every type of food you can imagine, from countless burger varieties to mac n cheese, from Caribbean to pizza, from vegan steaks to fish and chips, and people of all ages join together to enjoy it all.

You haven’t seen vegan food like this. Even if you’re not vegan, the sheer quantity and variety of food on offer is astounding. And if you are vegan, you have the chance to experience the pure pleasure in not having to ask ‘can you do this vegan?’ – IT’S ALL ON THE CARDS.

As if it couldn’t get any better, you can be pretty sustainable at Vegan Nights, which isn’t usually the case at big events! The organisers massively encourage you to bring your own cutlery, Tupperware, cups, straws and reusable napkins, even reminding people on social media before the event, proving they aren’t just saying it to look good. I personally had the time of my life drinking cider out of my Ecoffee Cup like it was nobody’s business.

Now onto the food: clearly the main event at Vegan Nights. I had a hotdog from the incredible guys at Pig Out called ‘The American’ – it was topped with Mac and Cheese and it was honestly incredible.

Best vegan hotdog I’ve ever had – I genuinely don’t think a meat-eater would question it if they were given it and told it was a ‘normal’ hotdog. Actually, I think it was tastier than any frankfurter I could remember, it was so well seasoned and just all round delicious! 

Hannah ^ and I were actually a bit disappointed with the dessert offering at this Vegan Nights. There was only a tiny cookie stall, Dappa (*check*) soft serve (which had a ridiculously long queue as there were so few options) and a warm cookie dough place, which we queued for ages for, only to hear their card machine wasn’t working so it was cash only for the night 😢. The last Vegan Nights we went to had multiple sweet stalls, selling ice cream, fro-yo, soft serve, churros and every kind of baked good you could imagine. 

Whether there just wasn’t so much space for cakes this month because the event was entirely outside, or whether the usual dessert retailers were just having a break from Vegan Nights this time, we aren’t sure! We did have a rather delicious ice pop from Lapp London, though…

After catching up with some friends, Han suggested we have a wander along Brick Lane to see if we could get something sweet along there. Lo and behold (albeit with the help of the forever brilliant Happy Cow TM App), we discovered that a chocolate and ice cream shop on Brick Lane called Dark Sugars had an entirely dairy-free freezer full of vegan sorbets and even vegan ice creams (as opposed to just sorbets) which are pretty hard to come across!

As a chocolate girl through and through and a former Nutella lover, of course I had to go for the dark chocolate and hazelnut ice creams. Both were impeccable. 🤤

When you’re vegan, finding something like this out of the blue honestly makes you so happy, you have no idea how great it is to be able to have something you usually can’t – it makes you appreciate things like ice cream sooo much more. And that is what makes Vegan nights so great – you can have it ALL. Choosing is the most difficult part!